Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Egg-citing! Also, Keeping it Real.

Yesterday was a big day for the chickens; we had our first egg! I had marked on the calendar that our pullets should start laying right around August 15, so we obviously have an overachiever :) There was another egg today, so we'll see if they start trickling in now. It never gets old....finding the little treasure of a fresh egg.

Remember how I wanted to keep things real for you? Jacob found the egg yesterday. It was a discovery because the young pullets really just don't know what they are doing yet. Their funny little eggs (about the size of a golf ball) can be found anywhere. This particular egg was found in the coop itself close to the water bucket. Both Abigail and Jacob were so excited, and since Jacob found the egg Abigail carried into the house. She was told to put the egg in the refrigerator. She decided that she had to use the restroom first, so she took the egg with her (of course - wouldn't you?). So, the egg makes it finally to the door of the 'fridge only to be dropped right before being placed on the egg shelf :( Sad day for Abigail but a good teaching opportunity for mama (words such as "mama knows best" may or may not have been used, ahem).

Today we tried again. Another egg was found - in the nesting box. Abigail was given another shot, and the egg is now sitting in the refrigerator waiting for daddy to come home and be shown the prize.

In other news, new soaps are being produced, cured and listed; so please take a little time to check them out. Also, I am almost to a goal of 150 likes on my Facebook business page. I would love for you to "like" me too :). Thanks a bunch!

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