Tuesday, April 2, 2013


1. Happy Easter; Christ is Risen! My daily prayer is that God would give me the joy and peace knowing that my Savior has conquered death. The kids and I colored some eggs using the silk tie method. I explained to the kids that the colored eggs and the candy nests we made are signs of rejoicing and new life that Jesus brings. While they listened, I think they were quite taken with the sugar factor as well (keeping it real!).

2. We tried for an Easter picture. We basically are the world's worst picture-taking family. Evidence includes: of the several pictures we snapped none of the kids were all looking the same way, Big Fish is not in the family picture, we waited until after church and lunch to even try the picture.

3. I had the rare experience this week of seeing an egg being laid from one of our chickens! I opened the nesting boxes, and one of the chickens was still in there. This is normal; there is often a chicken or two hanging out in there. Well, I could tell this chicken was mid-egg; as she was kind of stuck half in and half out of the box. She wanted to leave, but she couldn't - ya know? So, I was able to witness the egg coming out! Folks, there is no fresher egg; she practically laid it in my hand! We are looking forward to 15 new chicks in two days!!

4. Cute baby picture (tangling up my knitting of course!). She looks a little worried, but trust me she was having a blast. Yesterday I caught her on video dumping out a box of Cheerios. Sigh.

5. One other picture of the children learning the fine art of eating Ramen noodles courtesy of Big Fish's teaching:

Happy Spring! If I keep saying it, it will show up soon (currently snowing and 36 degrees!).

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