Friday, April 26, 2013

Episode with the Trash Can

Our garbage collection service is every Friday, very early in the morning. Our habit is to roll the bin to the curb the day before. This morning (Friday), I awoke to the exclamation of surprise and disgust from my husband, as he looked out the bedroom window, that something had been in our trash. This was before my alarm went off at 6 a.m. - what a way to greet the morning!

We hurried to collect and clean up the mess; since I am not a fan of touching garbage, I donned latex gloves (yet another use for those miracle hand protectors!). My husband is tough, so he took the bare-handed approach.

Well, dear readers, we decided the culprit was a bear! Something had to be large enough to tip over the large and lidded can. Then, that something had to have the ability to CARRY BAGS OF TRASH AROUND THE YARD before ripping them open and perusing the contents. It was quite a cleanup. I would like to go on record that I am not a fan of "the week in review" provided by the garbage. I would also like to say that our dog, a toy poodle, has been reprimanded for the fact that he sleeps more sound than we do, and thus did not alert us to the fact that a probable bear was riffling through our garbage can in our yard.

We do have several things for which to be thankful:

1. No small children were harmed in this episode!

2. No honey bee hives or chickens were attacked.

3. The scene of the crime was cleaned up before the arrival of the trash collector.

4. Previously mentioned latex gloves.

I think we might be sleeping with our window cracked tonight. Have I mentioned that we're in the market for a German Shepherd?

Have a great weekend; enjoy some sunshine!

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