Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Few Things

We woke up to another day of winter wonderland today! Even just a few inches of fresh snow really transform the trees in our forest. With a background of blue sky today the sight is just dazzling.

With all the snow we've been enjoying it's hard to believe that spring will eventually arrive! I know it will come though because Big Fish has ordered most of our garden seeds. I was especially thrilled to hear that he ordered all heirloom seeds - tomatoes here we come! We ordered our seeds from Annie's.

With Valentine's Day coming next week, Big Fish and I decided to be ultra romantic and give each other the gift of apple trees and blueberry bushes! I know you're thinking you will never beat our level of romantic gifts! Added to his mom's order of cherry trees, we'll hopefully have some yummy fruit as early as next year.

Lastly, I have decided to join the swag bandwagon. If you're curious (or would like to join yourself), click on the swagbucks link. I believe I receive credit if you join through my link - fun!

Enjoy some sunshine today!

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