Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We're in the Country Now!

Here are some clues we are definitely experiencing rural living:
1. The picture above is actually Brookie, playing with her barn and animals while I am writing this post!

2. Big Fish asked me to mail in our application for the Family Membership to the Boyers Sportsmen's Association.

3. I currently have a chart in my kitchen that tells how to measure grain in bins and ear corn in cribs.

4. Seed catalogues have been ordered.

5. The bird feeder must be refilled daily.

6. Trips to the grocery store are called "trips to town" and should only take place about once a week.

7. Mr. Tom at the local feed store/hardware store told me I should be shopping there once a week instead of the grocery store!

8. I had to shoo away a woodpecker from pecking on the logs of our house (two times now).

9. We ordered a quarter of a beef cow from church friends.
And the last reason we know we are in the country:

10. Our family has had actual discussion about hanging a mounted deer head in our living room.
How fun this adventure is! We are loving our country life; praise the Lord for His care.


  1. I noticed you said "country", and not "red-neck". Have you got your gun rack in the truck yet? Have you fixed yer tailpipe with duct tape? Is the Skoal tin in yer back pocket? Don't worry, that'll come.

    Yer Pa

  2. I know where you might be able to get a deer head =) it's name is Darius =)


  3. Nah, ya gotta shoot that buck yerself!

  4. Hey Sarah! Sorry it's taken me so long to visit. She's so cute! Madeline would LOVE a barn, she's a complete animal-lover.

  5. I love your list! We have had that same discussion about a deer head over the fireplace - so far no deer! Enjoy the country life!


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