Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ups and Downs of Recent

Ah, life!  I've been reflecting on the slowness that some days seem to crawl by on as well as the speed that life passes by.  It is encouraging to think that I do not have to become bogged down in the every day chores and desires of more to accomplish (so, so easy for me), but I'm finding that I need VERY regular reminders that my tasks should be prioritized more along the lines of big picture view!  Thankfully, God is good; and provides people and readings to remind me!

Watching one of my honey bee colonies swarm this week (after I had just checked that the bees had enough room last week) is frustrating but encouraging me to learn more about the bees.  I think possibly they are a little too hot in their current location.  This is the same hive that swarmed last year too, so it might just be a characteristic of this particular colony.

My kids have started school!  Yay!  Yay for learning and expanding the mind - we are already having talks about using our school (and attitudes when the lessons get hard) to serve the Lord.  I'll let you in on a little secret....I can get some extra knitting time while I sit next to my pupils working on their lessons :)

My blog swap package arrived, and I have been enjoying the goodies sent by one of my newest blogging friends

Can I just say.......blueberry ginger jam!!!!!

My parents' anniversary today represents 38 years!  We had a nice dinner last night (provided by them, no less) around our table.  My little gift to them was matching handknit washcloths.

Speaking of knitting; have you been by my etsy shop lately?  I added something great for the chilly-er (!) weather!   I think it is just wonderful that my blog swap partner had knitted something similar for me to use.....I tuck my cozy in my purse in preparation for any coffee purchase :)

Well, I could go on; but another post will have to follow.  TTFN!!

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  1. Hi Sarah! It's been about forever since I've had time to catch up on all my favorite blogs and am realizing how much I miss the friends I've made here in blogland! We don't start lessons until the 15th which is a good thing since canning has been my #1 occupation the past few weeks. We still have lots to do, but it's slowed down a bit. Tomatoes are just about ready (I picked 5.5 pounds yesterday to make a small batch of sauce for the freezer) and there are tons more that should be ready in about a week.

    I still need to share about my blog-swap partners and the goodies I received...thanks for the reminder! Looks like you received some lovely and useful things!

    Take care! ~Lisa


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