Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knitting....New Thing

With some new (beautiful) yarn in the shade "raspberry" I've started a big project. Raspberries must be on my mind; I've been watching youtube videos about how to prune and trellis the berry bushes with hopes of starting some this year. Anyway, the new cardigan is the "Channel Cardigan" pattern by Jared Flood. It is stretching my brain with new techniques, and I am loving the challenge. I think it may be done by winter :) Here is the beginning of a sleeve with a mix of moss stitch and a chevron panel:

I found some pictures on my camera from last week, so here is a lace blocking picture too (I take a while to get things blocked....have a small stack):

Joining in the weekly yarn along here:


  1. Your lace is so pretty! I just love the color changes. I hate blocking things - I guess because I have to find a way to keep the cat off my project! Very nice raspberry yarn too :-)

  2. Love the jumper, the colour and the pattern are a real delight.

  3. Your lace is lovely! Blocking is NOT my favorite activity; it's necessary, but I put it off as long as possible.

  4. That cardigan is going to be lovely

  5. Beautiful...lovely!! I need to prune our raspberries; we did once already in March, but they're needing it again as they're quickly growing out of their designated naughty.

    Sarah, I will email you with test knitting details; thanks for your interest! :) ~Lisa


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