Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend To-Do

Thought I'd put my reminders here:

1. Wash and block some Mother's Day gifts. For the non-knitters this means to get the item wet and then pin it out to dry in the shape you want.

2. Bake! We need some snacks and some Mother's Day desserts. Need is the key word here; 2 pounds of butter were bought last night is all I'm sayin'.

3. Tonight remember to shut the 9 big chickens in their coop and remove their food. Hopefully their system will clear properly for the "end of the road" tomorrow.

4. Move baby chickens to new coop tomorrow. Yay! I will feel better knowing they have tons more room to live rather than an oversize cardboard box.

5. Burn cardboard box that housed chicks :)

6. Collect grocery/snack items to be sent to Africa for brother and sister-in-law's upcoming birthdays.

7. Sweep floor. Thrilling I know, but in the eyes of a one-year-old the vacuum is the scariest thing in her existence.

8. Cut up some freshly made shampoo bars and start working on listing them online.

9. Get creative with lunch for the kids since groceries need to be obtained. Suggestions? Maybe scrambled eggs.

10. Take pictures. I am having to write this down lately as a reminder because I want to be more intentional about this. I always think later that I wish I had a picture of some event or happening during the day.

Happy Weekend! Happy Mother's Day! My Mother's Day gift involves electric fencing and some kind of power pack to repel a bear from my new beehive. We try to follow my parents' example and give each other practical gifts!

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