Monday, September 19, 2011

"Fall"-ing into a Routine

Now that Fall is practically here, we have started to settle into the routine of errands or appointments in the morning and school for Brookie in the afternoon. Small Fry has been attending speech therapy sessions two or three times a week and seems to enjoy the individualized attention and help.

For blog purposes, I will call the baby (who is now 9 months old - yikes!) "Minnow". Minnow looks a lot like those tiny fish, as she wiggles across the floor to get where she needs to go. She is a busy little soul whose happiest moments are in mama's arms or sucking on a teething biscuit while seated in the high chair.

The chickens do not seem to mind the extra time I take to let them out in their pen these past several chilly mornings. We are eagerly awaiting eggs; thinking that the first ones should appear in the next month. We did bid farewell to the rooster, for he was becoming a nuisance both in his noise and his abuse of the sweet flock. Peace seems to be restored, although I did have to shoo a couple of the girls out of the garden today. We still have a few tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants we hope to enjoy.

Big Fish has installed a tree stand up our back hill, so we are officially ready for hunting season. He is turning our children into bargain hunters, as he has been taking them along to a weekly flea market and any auctions that are in the area. They did come home with a cute, vintage "Fresh Eggs" sign a couple of weeks ago. Now we just need those eggs......

Boy is it chilly outside; the thermometer registers 59 degrees. Time for a hot dinner and maybe some post-dinner hot tea! Hope you are warm and cozy in your corner of creation!

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