Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Quiet" Day at Home

The kids and I are enjoying some homemade granola for breakfast today. I only wish that I had more honey on hand to make granola bars. Both are such money savers as well as yummy snacks!

We're thankful for a day at home, but we (namely, mama) have quite the to-do list! I'm sure you're all dying to know what it is:

1. Finish breakfast and clear the dishes.

2. Make toffee for book discussion group tonight. Dig out candy thermometer to make said toffee.

3. Fold a load of laundry and put another load in the dryer. We try to wash one load a day. We (mama, again) does well with the washing, but the folding and putting away cannot seem to cooperate with me as quickly. The kids are starting to be wonderful helpers with transferring the clothes into the machines and pressing the buttons!

4. Try not to torment Omma's dog too much. Omma has officially moved in last week, as she prepares to put a house in on the lot next door.

5. Make bread dough for tomorrow's dinner. We'll hopefully be having grilled pizzas!

6. Put chicken in crockpot for tonight's dinner. You can never go wrong with white wine and garlic.

7. Write a letter/color some pictures for Uncle in Africa.

8. Work on secret knitting and sewing projects - both are gifts for September birthdays.

9. Prepare peach cobbler to go in the oven while the potatoes are baking for tonight's dinner.

10. Water plants on the back deck. I'm surprised these plants are so forgiving because of how long it takes me to water them.

11. Check garden for the handful of cukes and tomatoes we get every day.

Well, that's the rough draft! We'll see what happens today. Hope your day is full of good things!

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